Kingdom Dominion Covenant Ministries (KDCM) is a vehicle for spirit filled, spirit led ministries of the Gospel to meet periodically to share their insight into God’s Word and through sharing and providing both encouragement and a check and balance approach to our ministries.

KDCM is a synergistic network that promotes interdependence. KDCM does not control or usurp the rights of local churches, fellowships, networks, para-church ministries or businesses. KDCM is not a denomination nor does it legally bind its members but is bound together strictly by relationship.

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide, networking, accountability, and covering. We do not have a common manual, nor do we dictate the practices that the network members should adhere to. We believe that the Scriptures are inspired of God and that each entity should be governed by the Holy Scriptures and be led by the Holy Spirit in fulfilling its purpose and vision in advancing the Kingdom of God.